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We’re a pretty busy crew, whether we’re working on a new research project or subsystem data type or if we’re sponsoring an industry-related conference. And on occasion, we even make the news. We thought we’d tell you about the important stuff here. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest developments or connect with us at an event. We’d love to catch up.
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Texture Signature

Texture Signature: A Statistical Analysis of Pavement Texture Data

ABSTRACT Pavement surface texture is an umbrella descriptor of pavement surface characteristics that can be used to measure skid resistance performance including surface type, m...

Asset Type Priority Needs_ALL

A Success Story of Stakeholder Engagement and Data Unification for Transportation Asset Management

ABSTRACT State agencies are tasked with capturing and evaluating immense amounts of roadway structures and asset features under tightening budgets and expanding needs. The exten...

WSAW Channel 7 News 2

DOT Using Next Level Tech On Wisconsin Roads

As lawmakers work to finalize the state's budget, the Department of Transportation is collecting and analyzing data using the latest technology. Think of the Google Maps car, but...

Faribault County 2

Faribault County Public Works Keeps Community Together

Drivers who use our county roads and bridges likely do so without giving it any thought. So who is in charge of making sure the county’s infrastructure is safe for everyone? Tha...

Maritime Exec 2

Pathway Services Inc. Selects iXBlue’s Atlans-C

Following performance demonstration in PathRunner challenging road tests, Pathway Services Inc. purchases a number of ATLANS-C Inertial navigation GNSS systems for mobile mappin...

TX Project

No Project Too Big: Pathway Services Completes 90,000 Mile TXDOT Project In Just 5 Months

After several years of partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation, Rudy Blanco, President of Pathway Services Inc. and project manager for the first year of the TxDO...

CA QA_QC Article

QC/QA Processes Refined in Cali. – Pathway Services Partners With Caltrans to Create a QC/QA Plan for APCS That Improves Data Quality

In January 2019, Caltrans Senior Transportation Engineer, Haiping Zhou, presented a paper discussing the implementation of QC/QA working processes from their newly established d...


PathRunner Subsystem Upgrades
NEW 3D System: 3D-PAS
NEW 3-Zone Texture Signature System


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