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Right for the Road

  • Do you have a good driving record?
  • Do you enjoy life on the road?
  • Are you decently tech savvy?
  • Are you a self-starter/problem-solver?
  • Do you know someone that would want to come along?

If the answer is “YES!” you might be a good fit as a Pathway Services Collection Team.

Careers Opportunities

As the leading provider of Pavement Condition Data Collection and Asset Extraction Services and Equipment in the United States, Pathway Services shoulders tremendous responsibility in support of maintaining safe roads and highways. We employ the most advanced technologies and techniques in response to the unique needs of our clients both in the U.S.A. and abroad. As such we are constantly in pursuit of motivated individuals who have a desire to be a part of collaborative team environment and who value the ability to be innovative in response to those needs. We’re excited to hear from you. Send us your resume by clicking the link below.


PathRunner Subsystem Upgrades
NEW 3D System: 3D-PAS
NEW 3-Zone Texture Signature System


PathView II
Login to your account to download your latest version of PathView II from the software folder under “Resources”.

Version 6.2.10 (Released November 23, 2022)

Version 2.28.0 (Released July 25, 2022)

Version 2.67.7 (Released November 21, 2022)