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Mary Gayle Padmos – MDT

“When we purchased the Pathway vans, we replaced manual pavement surveys and an outdated videolog van. Pathway Services personnel were extremely helpful in addressing our learning curve whether it was hardware, software or deploying the collected data throughout the department. MDT replaced a legacy videolog with PathWeb where the department reaction has been positive in regards to clarity of images and transmission speed over the internet.”

Glenda Fuller ~ Idaho ITD

“Since 2001 we have purchased two Pathrunner profiler vans from Pathway Services. We have been pleased with both of them. Pathway Services delivers a great product and fantastic service. Their technicians go out of their way to find solutions to any problems we encounter.”

Nick Gephart ~ NJ DOT

“My overall expectations for the performance of the data collection equipment is excellent. Pathway services has provided us with accurate and consistent data and at the same time make it easy for the field technicians to operate. The customer service is excellent compared to some of the other companies we deal with. I would highly recommend their products and services to other federal, state and local agencies.”

Bill Duckert ~ WI DOT

“WIsDOT’s Pavement Management staff has worked extensively with Pathway Services over the years. As their customer, we have owned several Pathway Services Pavement Management vans and found them to be remarkably trouble free with respect to both their mechanical and electrical systems. Pathway’s support of these vans and of our Pavement Management activities in general has also surpassed our expectations.”

John Livingston ~ WSDOT

“I have worked with Pathway Services since 1999. The vans have changed over the years but what has impressed me the most is the Costumer Service. No matter when I call the staff is very helpful. They drop what they are working on and deal with my problem or questions until answered.”